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Guitars Made of Old Hats is a collection of arrangements I created as part of the final year of my undergraduate study at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. 

The project aimed to expand the repertoire of music available for guitar from around the turn of the 20th century, when the modern guitar canon was just being established by Andrés Segovia. Segovia's choices led to a preference for large, Spanish-Romantic works, and deprived the guitar repertoire of many works from Modernist, non-guitarist composers. I have taken works by composers from this time, some of whom expressed an interest in writing for the guitar or wrote one piece for guitar, others who were looking to experiment with new timbres, and have arranged their music for guitar/guitar chamber ensembles.  


'Carnaval de Cadiz' with Beth Toulson and Ruxaana Hutton

A collaboration with recorder player Beth Toulson and animator Ruxaana Hutton, combining the vibrant shapes of Matisse's cut-outs with Sören Sieg's duet 'Carnaval de Cadiz'. This video placed in the top twelve of the Sören Sieg Musik Video Competition 2021.

'Cut With the Dada Kitchen Knife'

A sound collage created with Molly Welling and Alex McCarthy in response to Hannah Höch's 1919 collage 'Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the Last Epoch of Weimar Beer-Belly Culture in Germany'. 

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